Saturday, September 19, 2009

So, who's he/she?

Okay, we've all faced this situation. The person is a really irritating colleague/friend/relative/nobody. After quite a few weeks you find yourself cheerful and smiling for whatever reason on a Monday morning. And this PERSON pops up and asks you this with large bulging eyes, step dancing eyebrows and smile that makes you want to punch him/her in the face:


And there goes your chance at a cheerful Monday. How do you tackle that?


  1. is this question abt any guy /gal who jus went on a first date or so?? n this irritating guy comes and pesters until he/she gets to find the name of the guy/girl u ent on a date with.. if so then there is no other option other than to give the name..

  2. it's about a guy /gal who's is simply extra cheerful for maybe too small or even no reason at all. and the irritating friend/colleague cannot think of anything else but THAT and ask:

    So, who's he/she?

  3. ok.. this is the colleague we don't like, so we don't exactly have to be very nice. tactfully indifferent perhaps. let's think of some responses: (i'm a guy, and we'll take the piss-off of a colleague to be a guy too)

    Q. Who is she?
    A1. (with a slightly foggy look, and a languid strecth) I can't remember, actually.

    A2. Huh? (who was the girl you were with yesterday?) oh, that. hang on, let me remember them in sequence...

    A3. I'd appreciate you not trying to live the young life you never had by fantasising to mine.

    A4. She? Oh, actually the "have you gone crazy" cocktail at hard rock made me lose a lil perspective. i think i danced with a hot belgian, or maybe a fur coat. i'll have to get back to you on that.

  4. WOW! now that "IS" what I call a reply!