Wednesday, September 23, 2009


We all find ourselves in places and new situations all the time. Get to know new people, never-before-met relatives at some function/gathering, old classmates at reunion (yeah, after 5/10 years they ARE pretty "new" too!) or whatever. And suddenly you receive a COMPLIMENT. 

"Nice dress!" / "Nice speech/presentation mate!" / "Nice hairstyle!" "Wow! you look really fit!" [:D] 

You probably get the picture from the last compliment. What I'm trying to say that how would you react/reply to a compliment from a totally/quite unknown person, WHO could be a potential competitor, harmless colleague, good natured anybody, a probable friend for life, a maybe-Friday-night date OR even a really bad hazard for your shy soul.

So how would you reply (verbally, of course!) to


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Saturday, September 19, 2009

So, who's he/she?

Okay, we've all faced this situation. The person is a really irritating colleague/friend/relative/nobody. After quite a few weeks you find yourself cheerful and smiling for whatever reason on a Monday morning. And this PERSON pops up and asks you this with large bulging eyes, step dancing eyebrows and smile that makes you want to punch him/her in the face:


And there goes your chance at a cheerful Monday. How do you tackle that?