Friday, November 18, 2011

Hey! How is it going?

Well, with this question, I Take the opportunity to catch up with everybody and what I'm generally asking you guys is: How's life? How's ur blog end going. Mine's pretty dull. Creativity is an all time low. etc etc. How abt you?

Also the trick question, here: OK. Something's pretty obviously wrong with/in ur life. And you're having a pretty tough time dealing with it. We've all been in situation like this of varied degrees. So, there are people who actually care about you and try to provide as much help and support as they can. (Or as much as YOU're willing to receive.) BUT there are/is always those who just wanna take advantage of this situation, show off themselves as better than you in such a time. And despite your best efforts they always come to about the situation.

So what they do is, they, very innocently call up/on you and with a God-almighty-annoying-face ask you, "Hey! How is going?" (or something similar.) How do u respond to that? (in a trick manner of course.) (Can you actually even come with a witty response when you're really low?)

(Btw, just to clarify, I'm ok. I just thought this up. :) )